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Sara A

Los Alamitos, Ca

Ms. P does indeed have a BIG electric cock! Now, not to sound all purvey on you dear yelp friends but we are talking size (and in Texas, y'all can agree that sizes does matter around here). Minh and I just completed out 1st day/night at ACL we were hungry, sweaty, tired, and kind of damp from the combo of humidity and rain from earlier on. We were not set on really where to eat but we knew that it had to be big and filling!

Phones out, yelp app activate! I found this place on the first page of random places to eat around town. Photos looked amazing, the reviews were glowing, and it was on our way back to our hotel.

Parking is either on the street or in the nearby neighborhood, which on a Friday night the streets were alive with thirsty and hungry people.

From first sight, I was in love with their set up, Outdoor tables and chairs with twinkling lights, the sliver trailer shines under those lights, and the best part they had underground hip-hop playing.

The menu is straightforward:

The choices for her succulent chicken are 2, 3, 8, and 12 pieces (prices are not bad either) but I have to agree with the boyfriend, I wish there was an option for 4 pieces of chicken as well.

We decided to forget all about our healthy eating and went chicken wild:

Six pieces of Chicken-Comes with a roll & jalapeño

The Marty-Traditional grilled Mexican street corn with jalapeño-soaked aioli, coated in cotija cheese, shaved pasila pepper, & lime.

Two orders of Bacon Waffles (it was on their nightly special)

Farm Frites-Boot lace fries, seasoned with thyme, salt, & pepper

I know some of the reviewer have complained that the wait times does take awhile (around 20 or so minutes) but people we are taking about chicken that needs to be fried. Everything is made fresh and is cooked or fried to order. We did not expect it to be ready in a flash.

I promise it is worth that wait! And I can tell you our tray had so much food on it I was glad that we were beyond starving!

I suggest getting plenty of napkins and having them handy because you will need them!

The chicken is fried to a beautiful golden brown, had that perfect crunch and the chicken itself was melt in your mouth good! The best part was that it was not too greasy.

I found myself going in for a second one and then a third!

Finding room which I surprisingly all the sudden had, went in deep for The Marty, the corn itself was crisp when I bit into it! I have had real Mexican street corn before and this was okay in my book. Not too impressed but that is okay because I was happy to try it "Texas" style!

The waffles were heaven smothered in maple syrup! Come on how can you go wrong with bacon on anything?!

The frites were a prefect touch to our meal. Again, these were not greasy either and the seasonings were wonderful.

Ms. P you are a pure genius in your cooking, you definitely left a mark on us and our happy tummies as we walked away from your food trailer!