Ms P, owner of Ms P's Electric Cock, a top food trailer in Austin

Ms P (a.k.a "P' Momma)

Ms P grew up in the tiny West Texas town of Tahoka. She acquired her love of food and cooking from her mother and great grandmother, “Big Mama,” who began Ms P’s culinary training as soon as she was old enough to stand on a stool and reach the kitchen counter. An excellent self-taught cook and baker, Big Mama passed on her skills in the kitchen to Ms P, who credits her grandmother with teaching her how to cook Southern-inspired “stick-to-your-ribs” food.

Cooking remained Ms P’s primary passion, even as she went on to pursue a successful career in sales. Then, in 2010, Ms P and her husband, Kyle, suffered a devastating tragedy that caused Ms P to re-evaluate her professional and personal aspirations. Drawing on the encouragement and support of her husband, Ms P left sales to follow her true love, cooking for others. Her idea was to capture the nostalgia of a simpler time experienced during her childhood in Tahoka, when food was field-to-fork, and friends and family gathered in the kitchen to share smiles and conversation while simply enjoying flavorful food. And so the idea for Ms P’s Electric Cock was born. On a shoestring budget, Ms P and her husband set her dream into motion. They purchased a dilapidated 1950’s Spartan Imperial Mansion trailer that Kyle found in a field outside of Austin, which they lovingly restored.

With a palate favoring the sweet and savory, she combines local, farm fresh ingredients with her own modern twist of “P love” on every plate. She is known among friends and family for her scrumptious dishes, including favorites such as crispy, juicy fried chicken, roasted root vegetables lightly seasoned with herbs, Sheppard’s Pie, steak and pork chops cooked to perfection in a cast iron skillet, broken yolk breakfast sandwiches, and homemade chicken pot pie. In developing the menu for her food trailer, Ms P decided to offer as the main course her spicy fried chicken, because she did not think that Austin had any restaurants at that time that offered great fried chicken and southern comfort sides combined with a contemporary twist.

Outside of the kitchen, Ms P's outgoing personality, drive and infectious laughter are a constant, as she focuses on making each patron feel welcome. Ms P’s friends all know that the best place to find her is cooking in the trailer, which everyone affectionately now refers to as “Ms. Peaches.” And while patrons are enjoying menu favorites in the casual, picnic-style dining area in front of Ms. Peaches, friends and family often surround Ms P in the small kitchen, where she continues to cook old favorites for them, as well.

Having become a bit of a local celebrity, Ms P always encourages everyone, “when you stop by, be sure to give a holla’ to Ms P in the kitchen!” And by the time you leave Ms P’s Electric Cock, she will have you saying “ya’ll” whether you are from Texas or not. It is therefore not surprising that less than two years after opening, Ms P’s Electric Cock has notably become one of the top food trailers in America, and undeniably the most photographed in Austin, Texas by locals and tourists alike.