Margarita, chef at Ms P's Electric Cock food trailer in Austin

Margarita (a.k.a. Mini Marg)

Margarita and I have an interesting past. And I know that our paths were meant to cross each other in this lifetime. For several years, I ate Margarita's food and absolutely loved it. But didn't know she was actually the woman in the kitchen making the magic happen. Margarita has been cooking her entire life. While she didn't throw out a number, I would guess professionally 25-plus years. She has been the brain behind many successful restaurants in Austin. She was the Head Chef at Nuevo Onda for 12 years. If you live in South Austin, you know it was the best breakfast taco in town. Nuevo Onda closed in 2011 and it was then, that I learned all the recipes were hers. I went out in search for this woman/chef they called Margarita and after searching high and low I found her. I introduced myself but quickly realized we had a bit of a communication problem. As I speak little Espanol and she speaks little English. We had a friend join us over Margaritas (of course) and he interpreted for us and so the journey began. I was tickled that she made the decision to sell her own food trailer to come join our team.

So after breaking her into the Chicken Business, we decided that we couldn't let her talents go to waste, which is "Breakfast Tacos." Now why would a Chicken Food Trailer start selling Tacos for breakfast? Because, we have the Best Breakfast Taco Chef in Austin, that's why. So Ms P's TACO Breakfast was born, in August of 2012. It took awhile to catch on, however, once the community realized it was her, Margarita, from N.O. they started lining up for their morning carbs.

Margarita puts family first and is a wonderful Mother, Wife and Grandmother. When I asked her what she loved about MPEC, she replied with "My Love for my Boss and co-workers." Margarita enjoys the people in our thriving town (I prefer to still think of Austin as a Town) and says that she feels comfortable and safe here.

When not working, which I have no idea when that is because, if she isn't cooking at MPEC she is cooking for a family event. When not cooking she enjoys just kicking back and relaxing, and she certainly deserves it.

Margarita and I have learned many things about each other and have become very close. We refer to each other as "hermanas" (Espanol for Sister). We learned that not only were we born on the same day, but we are the same age and only born a couple of hours apart. Margarita is very funny and energetic and she adds the exact spice that the MPEC Team needed.