Tifika, a team member at Ms P's Electric Cock food trailer in Austin

Tifika (a.k.a. Terrifika)

BAMM! Tifika's favorite word describes her to a "T," pun intended. With over 14 years in the service industry, I knew from the first time I met Tifika that she possessed so many qualities that had made her not only successful but a perfect fit for the service/food industry. Her dedication to what ever she does is intense and to be admired. Her infectious laugh and humor is why we became friends, or one of the reasons for sure. We met during SXSW 2011 for the unveiling of Ms P's Electric Cock Fried Chicken. We instantly bonded and realized we shared many things in common. First and foremost, our mutual desire and respect for good company, a fresh good meal and an even better glass of wine.

While we remained friends, it wasn't until August of 2012 while sippin' on some good wine, of course, that I said "Hey, Tifika why don't you just come work with the MPEC Team." To my surprise, she accepted and welcomed the idea. Tifika is a very important part of our business. Her attention to detail and hard work ethic have no doubt been a solid contribution to the success of MPEC today.

When asked when her passion for food was realized, she replied, "I have ALWAYS loved food and the ritual of breaking bread with family and friends, so naturally this industry has been a perfect fit for me."

Tifika says her favorite things about being a part of the MPEC TEAM, "besides being a part of an incredible brand and product, is the family that we have all become!" She is also drawn to the food and beverage culture, the relaxed slower pace of Austin and living some where that truly allows any and everyone to be who they are and express themselves in whatever way they fancy! Just another reason I love her, because she gets the fact that a small business such as ours is vital to keeping Austin strong to our roots.

When not working you can find Tifika eating and enjoying a beverage at one of Austin's many restaurants, running around town with friends or sittin on Ms P's porch with a glass of Prosecco. :)

Lord ha' mercy, she is quite a gal!