Ricardo | Team Member

Ricardo (a.k.a. Drivin' Ms P)

Ricardo has literally been in and around the kitchen his entire life. As a very young boy, he stood on a milk crate to help with dishes and later learned to bus the tables and then on to being part of the wait staff in his grandmother's café L&K in Hagerman, New Mexico, which still operates a very successful business today. Ricardo and I became friends 7 years ago. He has since become one of my closest friends and a big part of how Ms P's was born. He was part of what I refer to as "my think tank," a group of friends who I consider my family, that encouraged me to follow my dream into the Food Trailer culture. Ricardo is naturally a people person. So when we made plans to open for SXSW 2011 Rick offered up his expertise and just wanted to lend a helping hand, while knowing we were on a shoe string budget - in other words, he volunteered his time to help get Ms P's up and running.

Rick is passionate about food and is an amazing cook himself. He enjoy's making our patrons happy and is excellent in customer service. When asked what was his favorite part about working at Team MPEC his reply was "I love my fellow Teammates and all the eye-candy on S. Congress." His three favorite things about Austin are: his friends whom he considers his family, the weather, and rednecks that make for fun people watching. He loves to travel often and have happy hour with friends, i.e. MARGARITAS.

When asked what his favorite word or phrase he likes to use most often he said "**** & Maybe?"

To say the least, he is an interesting character in a cast of many on the MPEC Team and we are happy to have him.