Randy Bynum

Houston, Texas

I'm writing to say I absolutely love your chicken! My grandmother made the best fried chicken I'd ever eaten and I thought it was not possible to top hers. When she passed away in 1990 I figured I was done ever eating delicious yard bird again until I stumbled over your location in October 2012. I was visiting Austin Halloween week with my brother-in-law from Germany and we went absolutely apeshit for your chicken. He, too, felt that the was the best fried chicken he'd ever eaten. I was in Austin again in April this year for Reggaefest and ate your chicken every day the entire festival weekend. I currently live in Houston and will make an afternoon trip to Austin August 30th just to eat your crazy good food. I love Austin and I recognize there's tons of entertainment there but to me the only reason to really visit the city is to get your bird in my mouth. I love your cooking. I'd follow you anywhere.

Ashley B.

Austin, Texas

Best fried chicken & waffles in the ATX, hands down! I've been to all the fast food joints, small "homestyle" diners, "soul food" resturants in my quest for the perfect fried chicken and waffle pairing and I finally found it at Ms P's Electric Cock. The chicken is hot and crispy on the outside and juicy/tender on the inside. The waffles were light and crispy and the combination was perfect. The truffle mac & cheese had just right amount of truffle flavor and some expertly toasted panko breadcrumbs to give some texture. I'm not a fan of the strips, I like my chicken bone-in so I didn't try those but assume they were just as high quality. Also, it's BYOB so I was able to bring my own sixer of Austin Amber and enjoy an awesome chicken fried dinner.

Shantanu B.

Austin, Texas

Best fried chicken I've had in Austin hands down. There's a reason you have to wait before they finish your fried chicken, but the 15-20 minute wait is worth it. Also there are few places in Austin that will take that kind of time in making you fried chicken. Other dishes there feel a bit overpriced, such as the waffles for example, but you don't regret having spent your money there at the end of the meal. They also offer local colas you can't find at any store in the area. The location is convenient as well, as you get to avoid the traffic/parking mess that you tend to encounter further down SoCo.


Houston, Texas

The BEST fried chicken you've ever had. It's magical. Tender. Warm. Everything you want in a man, in a paper basket, and best paired with Ms. P's mac and cheese. You'll be back!

Kyle H.

Austin, Texas

Cute place, yummy food and they even satisfied my ultra picky nephew's chicken tender craze, which made my night easier! Very nice lady took our order, advised us on what might be good for my two nephews based on their tastes and what we might like too. I thought the food was excellent and really hit the spot.

Megan S.

Vancouver, Canada

Phenomenal fried chicken - easily the best we had in the southern United States during our 10 day tour. Perfectly crispy, perfectly seasoned and run-down-your-fingers-juicy. We LOVED the ambiance - eating at a picnic bench beside a trailer in the glow of electric lights with tunes pumpin' out the speakers. Awesome.

Kyle B.

I found you guys on Dine on Demand. I can't even eat chicken from anywhere else now because of you. Thanks for creating such AMAZING food!